for a greener and happier world between communities!

The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed March 21 International Day of Forests (IDF) in 2012. This day celebrates the importance of all types of forests. On each International Day of Forests, countries are encouraged to make local, national and international efforts to organize activities involving forests and trees, such as tree planting campaigns. This is why we have decided to launch PEALCE today.

The main objective of this innovative project is to offer lovers of Superfood Beers, a great blond beer, with a subtle taste coming from the seeds of peace. We want to promote peace and love in the world. This is why, for each pack of PEALCE sold, we will plant a tree with a local partner, in each country where our beers are appreciated. all PEALCE lovers can therefore make their own contribution to a better and greener planet, simply by using their power of consumption.

For a better and greener planet, drink a good PEALCE!

"A beer brewed with passion can be enjoyed with Wisdom"


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