We want to offer an innovative beverage concept that combines the joys of a beer, the quality and originality of a 100% organic beer

In addition to this "Organic Beer" aspect, the 5.G will contain 5 components : Ginger, Ginseng, Guarana, Galanga, Ginkgo Biloba.

Gold Edition

The 5.G Royal Edition is a premium edition of our beer with a note of royal jelly that gives it a majestic flavour.

Stay Tuned

Other beers are being developed. You will soon be able to discover the rest of the SuperfoodBeers range.

Superfoodbeers Team

We are a group of beer explorers attached to natural products and wish to launch under the brand "SuperFoodBeers" a range of original organic beers produced locally with ingredients with interesting taste interests.

The SuperfoodBeers Team:

  • Jonathan De Smet: Entrepreneur, farmer and lover of natural products

  • Basile Moulin: student entrepreneur from Tournais, amateur of organic beers

  • Vincent Truyens: Eco-Entrepreneur, enthusiastic teacher, sportsman at heart, lover of the land, and co-organizer of zytho evenings (Belgium Beer Academy)

  • Vincent Vanderveken: Eco-Entrepreneur, sportsman and lover of traditional beers & healthy and innovative products.

  • Dominique Broutin: co-Founder and master brewer

"A beer brewed with passion can be enjoyed with Wisdom"


Chaussée de Binche, 30

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