Organic beer

SuperFoodBeers are made with organic ingredients and, as soon as possible, with products from Belgian agriculture. We are also planning to produce raw materials for our beers on Belgian soil, on the land of Jonathan's family farm.

Natural cork stoppers

To avoid using aluminium caps, we have opted for natural corks that can be easily recycled for 75cl bottles.

Waste management

The spent grains

Our particular interest in the environment has enabled us to find a solution to recycle brewery waste (spent grains: barley residues after racking the must, in breweries). About 22kg of spent grains are produced for every hectolitre of beer brewed.

Indeed, the spent grains will be transformed into Superfood cookies!

In addition, we will recover the spent grain to make cups thanks to our partnership with Do Eat ! (


We are also considering recovering used malt bags to create aprons and transport bags.

Renewable energy

The Tournaisian brewery, Le Bierodrome, where the 5.G is brewed, will be equipped with photovoltaic panels. This 100% clean and local energy makes it possible to obtain a minimized CO2 impact.

Carbon footprint

On the basis of a carbon footprint, we offset the Co2 emissions with the NGO "Graine de Vie" and its reforestation program in Madagascar. (

"A beer brewed with passion can be enjoyed with Wisdom"


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